About the Book

Public Parts

A failed escape? Or a Mob hit arranged by crime boss Meyer Lansky to silence him and save Lepke Buchalter, Bugsy Siegel and Albert Anastasia from the electric chair? Either way, Murder Incorporated hit man turned major crime snitch Abe “Kid Twist” Reles, “the pigeon who could sing but not fly,” encountered the one law he could not evade: The Law of Gravity.

Thirty years later, it’s the early 1970s, and someone is talking. When Big Moe Levine is forced into abrupt retirement in Florida to avoid questions about the demise of his old friend, Reles, his son Larry takes over at PUBLIC AUTO PARTS, in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Larry knows something of his father’s link to the Mob, but not nearly enough, as he is left to face a relentless police detective, John Mannion, who wants answers and an equally relentless Mob boss, Carmine, who wants cooperation. Larry tries to protect his father, end Mob sway at Public Parts, cope with Laurie, his dissatisfied wife, and Ann Riordan, his new, beautiful and enigmatic young assistant, but complications mount until one night a tragic fire destroys all that Larry had worked for.

While dealing with his insurance company Larry is indicted for arson and other crimes and arrested. At trial, he is defended by Brownsville’s own Harvard trained Bernie the Attorney. Once a renowned Mob mouthpiece, now turned Orthodox Rabbi, Bernie’s time has long past.

Ultimately, Larry’s fate is in the hands of Ann Riordan. Her reluctant testimony about the extent of their relationship and where they were on the night of the fire could save Larry from prison but could also destroy her engagement and his marriage.

A masterful novel praised by former publisher and president of E P Dutton, Richard Marek for its writing throughout as ‘good to better-than-good,’ and hailed by former Time Magazine book editor Stefan Kanfer as a ‘triumph,’ “Public Parts” offers a gripping might-be-true legend filled with climactic twists, finely-crafted dialogues and a cast of unforgettable characters; an overall genuine page-turning treat from beginning to end.